Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Second Doctor Who Special Title?

The latest issue of Television Total Guide has a Doctor Who front cover and also includes a possible episode title for the second Doctor Who 2009 special. The magazine which has the latest TV listings states that the second Doctor Who special episode of the year will be entitled The Waters of Mars. This apparent title backs the previous rumours of one of this year's Doctor Who specials being set on Mars and it is highly rumoured that the episode will feature the classic Doctor Who enemies, The Ice Warriors. The second Doctor Who special stars David Tennant as The Doctor and Lindsay Duncan as the one-off companion, Adelaide. Please be aware that this title may not be correct and that the title of the second special will be revealed at the end of this Saturday's special episode of Doctor Who, Planet of the Dead.

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Conor said...

That sounds cool, I hope the Ice Warriors are in it!