Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ood Sigma is Returning

The News of the World is today reporting that Ood Sigma will be appearing in one of the final two Doctor Who specials of the year. Ood Sigma is played by Paul Kasey and was Mr Halpen's personal assistant who helped The Doctor and Donna Noble free the Ood in the series four episode, Planet of the Ood. A picture of David Tennant and Ood Sigma filming at the Brandon Estate in London on Friday night can be seen below:

Ood Sigma was recently spotted filming with David Tennant and Lindsay Duncan for the second Doctor Who special of the year, The Waters of Mars, which is expected to be aired in November. You can read a full report by clicking here at the News of the World website. What are your thoughts on Ood Sigma's return?


Conor said...

Double YAY :D

Laurence said...

I think hes the master, look at the way he stands, he stands like john simm. Some people think hes the watcher. Anywho, theres more to this than meets the red eye. (the red eye on ood sigma is rumoured to be a mistake)