Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Radio Times John Barrowman Interview

The latest issue of The Radio Times, which went on sale across the United Kingdom and Ireland today, includes an exclusive interview with John Barrowman who is well known for his role as Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who and Torchwood. Two extracts from the interview, in which he talks about this year's new Torchwood radio plays, can be read below:

“I’m in two minds about radio plays,” says Barrowman. “I can listen to the Torchwood radio plays, but I have a hard time listening to other radio dramas. That’s why, when they asked me to do them, I was a bit like, Hmmm. But the success of Lost Souls was amazing and it opened my eyes to this media that’s always been out there, but which Torchwood hadn’t really tapped into.”

“I’ve just finished my concert tour and one thing I said every night on stage, when I would talk about being Captain Jack, was, ‘I will never tire of hearing a kid in a supermarket saying, “I love you, Captain Jack”.’ I will never tire of that.”

The magazine also includes guides to television and radio, and is listing the first episode of Torchwood: Children of Earth for broadcast on Monday the 6th of July at 9.00pm, although the BBC have not confirmed this as the date for the series. The Torchwood radio plays will be aired on BBC Radio Four on the first, second and third of July and more details regarding them can be found by clicking here.

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