Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Torchwood Magazine #17

Titan Magazines have now revealed the cover and some details for issue seventeen of the official Torchwood magazine, which will be released on Thursday. This issue includes an exclusive interview with Russell T Davies, an episode guide for Random Shoes, a comic strip, Torchwood fiction, takes a look at how Millennium FX created the 456, and much more. The cover for the magazine can be seen to the left and it's press release can be read below:

Children of Earth uncovered!
The latest 100-page issue of Torchwood magazine gets under the skin of the five-night television spectacular, kicking things off with a sensational interview over ten pages with the show’s creator Russell T Davies.

Nick Abadzis pens Torchwood comic strip
Award-winning comic book writer and artist Nick Abadzis makes his Torchwood magazine debut in the latest issue. The author of the acclaimed graphic novel Laika writes part three of Broken, in which Gwen is plagued by ghosts of Torchwood past, with illustrations by Paul Grist.

Russell T Davies
“I could write you scene one of season four right now.”
So says Russell T Davies in a comprehensive interview in the latest issue of Torchwood magazine. We’d been trying to pin Davies down for over a year, and having got his attention, it wasn’t an opportunity we were ever going to approach lightly. With no stone left uncovered, we grill the man who invented Torchwood on why Ianto had to die, what he thinks about politics, and what could be next for the show.

Making a Monster
Torchwood magazine brings you a sensational line-up of behind-the-scenes coverage of Children of Earth in the latest issue, including a close-up account of the making of the 456. Russell T Davies’ brief, as outlined by the script, was to make “a huge, three-headed, eyeless beast, with raw, wet skin, like its flesh has been stripped.” Find out how Millennium FX went about meeting the challenge, with exclusive photography from their workshop and the Floor 13 set.

Random Shoes Revisited!
Torchwood magazine continues to look back at the trailblazing first series of the show in the latest issue. Remember when Torchwood ‘fan’ Eugene Jones found himself invisible and where he always wanted to be: sitting alongside Gwen Cooper in the Torchwood SUV? We revisit Random Shoes, first aired way back in December 2006, in a comprehensive episode guide. Plus, we talk to actor Paul Chequer, who guest starred in the episode as the naive but lovable Eugene.

Issue 17 of Torchwood Magazine will be released at all good newagents across the United Kingdom and Ireland this Thursday, at a regular retail price of £4.99.

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