Sunday, September 6, 2009

Daleks to Battle Nazis in Series Five?

The Daily Star recently reported that the Daleks will battle Nazi soldiers in a story for Doctor Who series five. According to the report, The Eleventh Doctor and Amy Pond will discover that Winston Churchill, the British prime minister during world war two, is working alongside the Daleks to stop the Nazis from controlling the world. An apparent BBC source was qouted as saying: “It’s going to be one of the most fantastic stories! Daleks, Churchill, Nazis, Hitler and Doctor Who‚ who can top that?” The report came shortly actors dressed as world war two soldiers and what looked a Dalek were spotted filming for the fifth series of Doctor Who in Cardiff, and more details regarding that filming can be found by clicking here in an older post. The Daily Star goes on to state that the Daleks have had Union Flags attached below their eye stalks and that their metal exteriors have been painted khaki and green. Doctor Who series five stars Matt Smith and Karen Gillan and is currently being filmed in and around Cardiff, for broadcast on BBC One in Spring.

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Ahh this sounds good and original