Saturday, September 19, 2009

Doctor Who Series 1 - 4 DVD Box Set Cover

2Entertain have now revealed the cover for the upcoming Doctor Who DVD box set which will include every episode from the first, second, third, and fourth series of new Doctor Who, along with the Christmas specials. All of the extras and special features that were included on the single series DVD releases are included on this new box set, which consists of twenty three discs in a large case. The Doctor Who Complete Series One to Four DVD Box Set will be released across the United Kingdom and Ireland on the 26th of October, and will be sold at a regular retail price of £89.99. More information regarding the DVD and details on how it can now be pre-ordered for the lower price of £66.09 can be found by clicking here at Amazon. Will you be purchasing this new DVD box set?

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Conor said...

I have all the boxsets, so I'll give this a miss