Wednesday, September 23, 2009

John Barrowman Metro Interview

Doctor Who and Torchwood actor, John Barrowman, was recently interviewed by Metro to promote the release of his latest autobiography, 'I Am What I Am'. John discussed why he thinks his character, Captain Jack Harkness, has become so popular and if he will be appearing in the final two Doctor Who specials of the year, after pictures of him on set were released online.

When asked why he thinks Jack Harkness is popular:
"I think it’s the fact I’m portraying somebody people can identify with. Whether it’s because he’s omni-sexual or he’s proud of who he is - he doesn’t care about what anybody thinks. If I had a formula, I would sell it! I’d be handing it out on street corners for £1.50 each. I have been absolutely overwhelmed by the popularity and success of Captain Jack.”

When asked if he would be returning to Doctor Who:
“I’ll put it this way. Captain Jack will always return to the side of the Doctor when he needs assistance. And we wouldn’t have it any other way!"

An image of John Barrowman on set during the filming of the final Doctor Who specials of the year can be seen by clicking here, in a post from earlier this year. An apparent member of the BBC recently revealed at ComicCon that a fourth series of Torchwood will be produced, but no official announcement been made.


thedoctorwho07 said...

We'll take that second answer as a "yes" then shall we? lol

Conor said...

I hope Jack has a big role in the specials

Flick said...

I hope we see Captain Jack again soon :)