Thursday, November 26, 2009

Doctor Who: Dreamland Part Six Available

Today, the concluding episode of Doctor Who: Dreamland, was broadcast for the time on the BBC's red button service and online. The episode sees the Viperox continue their assault on Dry Springs and on Area fifty-one, searching for a weapon that could wipe out their entire race. The official synopsis for the sixth episode of Doctor Who: Dreamland can be read below:

As sunset falls, the Viperox drones start to attack the US Army base. Can the Doctor find a way to halt the seemingly unstoppable aliens in their tracks?

Doctor Who: Dreamland part six can be watched at the BBC's official Doctor Who website by clicking here. The series has now finished transmission but all six episodes will be combined together in one episode which will be shown on Saturday December the 5th at 10am during CBBC's slot on the BBC Two channel.

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