Tuesday, December 1, 2009

BBC Doctor Who Advent Calendar Day One

Today is the first of December, a day which many people associate with the beginning of the countdown to Christmas. Children across the world usually open Advent calendars on this day, including pieces of chocolate among other things, and the BBC's official website for Doctor Who has now been updated with their online Advent calendar. Like previous years, the Advent calendar will be updated every day until the twenty-fifth of December with many different and exclusive things including new games, pictures, desktop wallpapers, and videos. Today's 'door' on the advent calendar opens to reveal instructions and information for 'Doctor in the House', a new Doctor Who related game that a group of people can play. This year's Doctor Who Advent calendar can be visited by clicking here, at the official Doctor Who website. The second door on the new calendar will be openable tomorrow.

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The-Dusty-Shelf.co.uk said...

Not as good as previous years to be honest...I used to like the clicking on the days.