Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Doctor Who Magazine #417 Cover Revealed

The cover for issue four-hundred-and-seventeen of Doctor Who Magazine was revealed this evening and can be seen above. This issue of the magazine is the first one to feature a brand new look, including the brand new Doctor Who logo and a brand new promotional picture of The Eleventh Doctor, Matt Smith. The magazine comes with a large poster and includes a brand new interview with Matt Smith and Karen Gillan who will be portraying The Eleventh Doctor and his companion, Amy Pond, in the fifth series of Doctor Who. Despite that The Tenth Doctor era ended as soon as he regenerated on New Year's Day, his adventures with Majenta Pryce continue in this issue of Doctor Who Magazine in a new comic-strip, The Crimson Hand part two. Also included in the magazine is interviews with David Tennant and the new Doctor Who lead writer and producer, Steven Moffatt, and a chance to win the new Doctor Who: The Complete Specials DVD box set. Doctor Who Magazine issue four-hundred-and-seventeen will be released across the United Kingdom and Ireland tomorrow, at a higher price of £4.20, and the press release for the magazine will be released shortly and then posted here. What do you think of the cover for this magazine?

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