Sunday, January 24, 2010

Stephen Fry Interested in Writing Doctor Who

Stephen Fry, the British actor, comedian, author, writer, television presenter, and film director who recently won two National Television Awards, has spoken to the media about Doctor Who. The Special Recognition award winner stated that he would be interested in writing an episode of the new series of Doctor Who, starring Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor, having previously been asked in 2005 to write an episode for the show's second series. “I look forward so much to seeing Matt Smith and I’m sure he’s going to be wonderful,” he said. ”If I get time it’ll be a thrill, I can’t think of anything nicer.” The writers for the fifth series of Doctor Who have already been confirmed, although Stephen Fry could be asked to write for the show if a sixth series is commissioned. More details regarding this will be posted here, on The Gallifrey Vortex, as soon as they are made available.

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