Saturday, February 20, 2010

Doctor Who Series Five Brand New Trailer

Earlier tonight, a brand new trailer for the fifth series of Doctor Who was broadcast on BBC One. The new trailer sees The Doctor, as played by Matt Smith, and Amy Pond, as portrayed by Karen Gillan, fall into the time vortex where they encounter Weeping Angels and Daleks. As well as being available to watch elsewhere online, the new trailer can be seen below:


This new trailer confirms that the fifth series of Doctor will be broadcast at some point near to Easter this year, which is Sunday the fourth of April, but no specific transmission date has yet been announced. The first trailer for the fifth series of Doctor which was added to the official Doctor Who website on New Year's Day can be seen by clicking here. What are your thoughts on this Doctor Who trailer?


Kane said...

brilliant not what i expected but it was like the promo image came to life :)

Meg said...

Looks pretty amazing!!

Robit said...

the trailer was ok i was abit dissapointed but overall it was ok brilliant post

Doctor Who Hideout said...

It was Excellent! Matt is the Doctor!

Tom said...

This is gonna be shown in the cinemas in 3D, i heard. I think that's true cos you can see where 3D bits should and could come in. Like the doctor and amy bursting outwards, the rocks flying round and especially that face at the end :L

Brad said...

Hi Tom. I posted earlier this week about Broadcast reporting the trailer will be broadcast in cinemas, and by the looks of this trailer, they may be right.

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