Friday, February 26, 2010

John Barrowman On American Torchwood

John Barrowman, the actor who took on the role of Captain Jack Harkness in Doctor Who series one, and continued to portray the character in the show's third and fourth series, as well as in the first, second, and third series of it's spin-off show, Torchwood, has spoken to Digital Spy about the American Torchwood. It was revealed last month that FOX are developing a script for a U.S version of Torchwood with previous Doctor Who lead writer and creator of Torchwood, Russell T Davies. Although John Barrowman was hinted to appear in the pilot episode of the series, the actor revealed that he had no knowledge of what is happening. Speaking to Digital Spy, the actor said: “I haven’t heard anything. I have no information on the future of Torchwood, I’m like everybody else at the moment. But I don’t have any other information - I’m so sorry!” More details will be posted when available.

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