Friday, February 12, 2010

Sophie Okonedo In Doctor Who Series Five

It has been confirmed that Oscar nominated actress, Sophie Okonedo, has been cast in the upcoming fifth series of Doctor Who, scheduled to be broadcast on BBC One and on the BBC HD channel this Spring. The actress was spotted filming what is thought to be the second episode of the series, which was recently revealed to be entitled 'The Beast Below', as a character called Liz Ten. According to a recent report in The Sun, Liz Ten is a code name for Queen Elizabeth the Tenth, and a BBC insider was quoted as saying: "Getting Sophie on board is a huge coup for the BBC. The forthcoming series has been criticised for being a bit light on the big names." More regarding Sophie Okonedo's role in the new series will be posted.

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Anonymous said...

Steven Moffat confirmed this in the latest issue of DWM. :)