Monday, March 22, 2010

The Daleks Allies Of The Nazis In Series Five?

The Sun have today published a report regarding the Dalek's upcoming appearance in Doctor Who series five, claiming that the evil enemies of The Doctor are working for the Nazis. According to the report, Winston Churchill, prime minister of Britain during the second world war, believes he has forged an alliance with the Daleks, when they are really working alongside the Nazis. But with the Daleks hating any other lifeform but themselves, it is likely that they will not genuinely be on anyone's side, and as always will in fact just be in it for themselves. Please be aware that as usual with reports from unofficial sources, the BBC have not confirmed this news, meaning that it may not be true. Victory of the Daleks is set to be aired on BBC One on the seventeenth of April, with the time of transmission to be announced.


Conor said...

Im starting to be convined that this could be the best Dalek story EVER!

thedoctorwho07 said...

So why do they have Union Flags on them?