Sunday, March 21, 2010

Doctor Who Series Five BBC America Trailer

Another new trailer for the fifth series of Doctor Who has began airing in the U.S on BBC America, and has today appeared online. The brand new trailer for the series features many new clips, including ones of the Daleks and Weeping Angels, and some of The Doctor, as played by Matt Smith, and his companion, Amy Pond, as played by Karen Gillan. It can be seen below:

The trailer has revealed the American transmission date of The Eleventh Hour as the seventeenth of April, three weeks after the U.K broadcast of April the third. The latest news, trailers, pictures, and more from the series will be posted here when they are made available. What do you think of this new series five trailer?


One Source Talent said...

There has been so much buzz about this show I can't wait to see it. I did get a chance to check out the trailer and it looks interesting. I heard it will start airing here mid April

jamesd1970 said...

OMG!! I can not wait to see the new series! After seeing this trailer. I feel like I'm 8 again(I'm nearly 40 lol).