Monday, March 29, 2010

Doctor Who Magazine #420 Covers Revealed

The official Facebook group for Doctor Who magazine was today updated with two different collectible covers for the four-hundred-and-twentieth issue of Doctor Who magazine, set for release on Thursday. The two collectible covers feature The Eleventh Doctor, as portrayed by Matt Smith, and Karen Gillan, as portrayed by Karen Gillan, who are both interviewed inside the magazine regarding their roles in the series. The magazine previews the first episodes of the series which will be broadcast across the next month, gives readers the chance to win a thirty-two inch high definition television, and includes the latest news regarding the fifth series of Doctor Who. This issue of Doctor Who magazine will be released across the United Kingdom and Ireland on Thursday at the price of £3.99, and the press release, along with more details, will be posted here when they are made available. Which cover will you be purchasing?

1 comment:

jamesd1970 said...

I will be getting the Matt Smith cover as I think it looks just a little bit better.