Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Eleventh Hour Opening Scene Released

Last night, the first scene of Doctor Who series five episode one, The Eleventh Hour, was made available to view on the BBC's red button service and online. The scene sees The Doctor, shortly after his regeneration in The End of Time part two, hanging for his life high above London, just before he meets Amy Pond. The first scene of the series can be seen below:

The Eleventh Hour is now just six days away from it's long anticipated transmission on Saturday the third of April, but in the meantime, the scene can still be watched on the official Doctor Who website and on the BBC's red button service. The Gallifrey Vortex will continue to keep you updated with the latest news regarding the new series. What are your thoughts on this opening scene?

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jamesd1970 said...

I love it!! This looks amazing,I have not been this excited about the show since its return in 2005!!