Sunday, April 25, 2010

BBC Apologise For Doctor Who Interruption

The BBC have today apologised for an advertisement shown during the first transmission of Doctor Who series five episode four, The Time of Angels, last night. During the cliff-hanger of BBC One's broadcast of the episode, a banner, accompanied by a small cartoon character of Graham Norton, popped up on screen to advertise the talent show, Over the Rainbow. Many people thought this was inappropriate and complained to the BBC, resulting in the broadcasting company to apologise today. Fans have also been complaining on social networking site Twitter, with one writing: "Why is the BBC treating its audience like idiots?" and another saying "Don't blink or Graham Norton will catch you."An apology from the British Broadcasting Company can be read by clicking here. Do you think this needed this much fuss?


Anonymous said...

pffftttt! it was just an ad!

Conor said...

I watched on iPlayer so that didnt come up