Sunday, April 25, 2010

The Time Of Angels Overnight Ratings

BARB have now released the overnight ratings for the fourth episode of Doctor Who series five, The Time of Angels, which received it's first transmission on BBC One and on BBC HD last night. The episode, seeing the return of both the Weeping Angels from Blink, and River Song from Silence in the Library and Forest of the Dead, managed to pull in 6.5 million viewers on BBC One, with an additional 0.3 million watching over on the BBC HD channel. This gives the episode overnight ratings of 6.8 million, and 36.7 percent of the audience share at that time. It was the second most watched programme of the day, being beaten again by Britain's Got Talent on ITV One, which pulled in 10.5 million. The final ratings will be released in several days, and will be posted here. What do you think of The Time Of Angels' ratings?


Nye said...

6.8 million? Is that all? Come on this is the best episode of Doctor Who Series 5 yet. (Apart from Graham Norton dancing around at the end.

Brad said...

Hello Nye. As always with overnight ratings, they will change in the millions. And yes, I agree, the advertisement for his show took away some of the excitement from the climax.


Conor said...

At least 8 million in the final ratings, if not 9, it seems that the overnight figures are getting less acurate each year... :/