Monday, April 12, 2010

The New Daleks Revealed In The Radio Times

The next issue of Radio Times Magazine, on sale across the United Kingdom and Ireland tomorrow, reveals three brand new Dalek variations which will make their first appearances in Victory of the Daleks on Saturday. The magazine includes three different covers to choose from, the first of which featuring a brand new blue Dalek, the second featuring a red Dalek, and the third featuring a yellow Dalek. This issue will include a preview of the episode starring Matt Smith as The Eleventh Doctor and Karen Gillan, feature an exclusive interview with it's writer, Mark Gatiss, and will take a look a the Daleks featured on the covers in further detail. This edition of Radio Times will be released tomorrow, being sold at the price of £1.10. What do you think of the new Dalek variations?


Anonymous said...

OMG The blue one is awesome

Sylar said...

Like the redesign! :D

Conor said...

Love the new Daleks