Saturday, April 10, 2010

Victory Of The Daleks Next Time Trailer

Earlier tonight saw the first broadcast of The Beast Below across the United Kingdom and Ireland, and the transmission of the next time trailer for the next episode, Victory of the Daleks. The trailer features clips of the Daleks, under the guise of robots helping Britain win World War Two, Winston Churchill, and Dalek ships battling Spitfires in space. It can be seen below:

Victory of the Daleks will be broadcast on BBC One next Saturday at the time of 6:30pm, while it will be transmitted in high definition over on the BBC HD channel at the later time of 8:25pm. What are your thoughts on this new trailer?


Meg said...

I think it looks really good actually and I'm looking forward to it! :D

Conor said...

How will all this be crammed into 45 mins! Madness!