Saturday, May 8, 2010

Doctor Who The Vampires Of Venice Tonight

Tonight, the new series of Doctor will continue with it's sixth episode, in which The Doctor take Amy Pond and Rory Williams for a romantic break in sixteenth century Venice, where all is not what it seems. The episode, entitled The Vampires of Venice, will see The Doctor, Amy, and Rory, discover vampire-like creatures rip Humans to shredded blood drained corpses, and encounter something hiding in the waters of the canal. The episode will be broadcast on BBC One and on the BBC HD channel tonight at 6.00pm, and will be followed by Doctor Who Confidential over on BBC Three. Come back to The Gallifrey Vortex later tonight for the next time trailer for next week's episode and a post where you can comment on The Vampires of Venice. Are you anticipating this episode?


Anonymous said...

really excited about this
nice pic you made

Conor said...

Cool pic