Saturday, May 8, 2010

Vampires Of Venice: What Did You Think?

The Vampires of Venice has just been broadcast here in the United Kingdom, and now it's your turn to let others know what you thought. In this post, you can leave your opinions, views, and any thoughts you have on the episode. What did you think of the 'vampires' true identities? Did the episode keep you on the edge of your seat? Did you enjoy it's plot? What did you think of the conclusion? Was the episode well written? What do you rate it out of ten? And how do you think Matt Smith, Karen Gillan, Arthur Darvill, and the rest of the cast performed? Please feel free to get involved in the episode discussion as all appropriate comments are appreciated.


Sylar said...

Loved it!

Ooh, the bit with the silence at the end was cool :P

Anonymous said...

it was good, the doc popping out the cake was my faviroute bit

Meg said...

Matt Smith is still being awesome
KG & the other dude (the ugly one) are awesome..
The story? Awesome.

Next weeks looks very interesting!


Square Eyes said...

DOCTOR: Was Amazing as usual, loved the cake popping bit!

AMY: Bit more adventurous in this ep, making her amazing as usual.

RORY: Annoyed me in parts, but loved the broom scene! Hilarious!

VAMPIRES: Just brilliant, brilliant!

SILENCE: Oooooh! Can't wait, although rorys acting at the end was realllly rubbish.

Conor said...

Loved the new alien!

Outcast Timelord said...

it was very fast so I had to watch twice and even now its really confusing. A great ep though 9/10

VORTEX said...

this had to be the poorest effort so far - it was badly edited and concieved - thank God for Matt Smith - at least he can hold a scene
much of the plot did not make sense - which means when they got home to edit it the production team must have found bits that they forgot to film
the cgi fish/vampires were really bad - the show is returning to sylvester mcoy time - or the people on production just don't care enough
interestingly the confidential team gleaned some great camera angels for their bit - although the vogue for writers/producers to be on camera and get there 5 minutes of fame is getting to be really annoying
also the extras they used were not
equity and could not act for toffe very wooden vampires
luckily the leading lady was able to keep her end up
sorry mr moffat but this was a poor show 1/10

Blink said...

Funnily enough, I liked this episode because I thought the plot was more simple, and not rushed like in previous weeks.

The story made up for the poor fish CGI effects - I thought they were rather similar to Prisoner Zero in looks.

Anonymous said...

i disagreee so much VORTEX it was my second best ep of the series, the first being flesh and stone

Anonymous said...

Not one of Mr Moffats greatest witing attempts,, it was very reminiscent of Early Dr who, Not so much Mc Coy,, but earlier, Throughten or even THE First DR...

Please Lets See More Riversong.. She's Hot.

Outcast Timelord said...

it was written by toby whithouse not steven moffat