Sunday, May 2, 2010

Flesh And Stone Overnight Ratings

BARB, the Broadcasting Audience Research Board, have today released the overnight ratings for the fifth episode of Doctor Who series five, Flesh and Stone. According to the ratings, the episode managed to pull in 6.53 million viewers when broadcast on BBC One, with an additional 0.34 million viewers watching over on the BBC HD channel, bringing the overnight rating count to 6.9 million. This gives it 34% of the audience share, but it should be noted that the overnight ratings are not final, and that the accurate ratings will be released by BARB in a few days time. In addition to the overnight ratings, high amounts of praise for this episode has come from the press, with The Guardian calling it ‘the greatest episode of Doctor Who there has ever been'. What do you think of the overnight ratings for Flesh and Stone?

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Conor said...

Better than usual