Saturday, May 1, 2010

The Vampires Of Venice Next Time Trailer

After tonight's broadcast of Flesh and Stone, the next time trailer for the sixth episode of Doctor Who series five, The Vampires of Venice, was shown. The trailer, running for approximately one minute, sees The Doctor take Rory Williams, Amy Pond's fiancee, from his stag night for a travel to Venice where they discover vampires controlling the city. It can be watched below:

The Vampires of Venice will be broadcast on BBC One and on the BBC HD channel next Saturday at the earlier then usual time of 6.00pm, and the latest coverage will be posted here. What are your thoughts on this brand new trailer?


Conor said...

This ep looks quite good

Blink said...

Awesome! I think this could be even better than last week, as I prefer stories in the past.

I think that it seems a bit like The Shakespeare Code, as it's set in the same era, has creatures which could actually be aliens, and has smoke rising from the church (like the smoke rising from the Globe Theatre)

Anonymous said...

Of course theyre not vampires :P The witches werent witches, they were 'carrionites'.
The ghosts werent ghosts, they were 'gelth'.
The werewolf wasnt a werewolf, it was a 'lupine wavelength haemovariform'.
Are we ever going to see a proper mystic being thing? I suppose there was the beast... and Death in Torchwood. :D