Wednesday, May 26, 2010

SFX Interviews Chris Chibnall On Silurians

The science fiction and fantasy magazine, SFX, have now published an interview with Chris Chibnall, writer of The Hungry Earth and this Saturday's Cold Blood, to their official website. In which, Chris discusses bringing back the Silurians to Doctor Who, and what their next move will be in the next episode of series five, Cold Blood. Part of SFX's new interview can be read below:

Part one of the story was quite small scale. Will it get bigger in part two?
The second half is totally different to the first half. We always talked about that as a big split between the two episodes, that you’d start with quite a small canvas and then you would broaden and broaden and broaden, so as the characters in the stories realise how much more there is, you’re going on that journey with them as a viewer. In part two you’ll see a lot of the Silurian city, you’ll see more Silurian characters, you’ll see more warriors. A lot of that second episode takes place underground.

The full interview with Chris Chibnall can be read at the official SFX website by clicking here. Cold Blood broadcasts this Saturday at 7.00pm on BBC One and on the BBC HD channel, and more regarding this will be posted online here shortly.

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