Thursday, January 14, 2010

Doctor Who The End of Time Merchandise

More merchandise from the recently aired Doctor Who specials, The End of Time parts one and two, has been announced for release. The Time Squad action figures, initially released in early 2009, will be making a return for Character Options' brand new Doctor Who toy line-up, being sold in single packs, each coming with a part to build a brand new figure of The Master. The Tenth Doctor, Cyberman, Sontaran, Weeping Angel, Clockwork Droid, and Ood Time Squad figures will be re-released with parts of The Master for the new collect and build wave, all available for £1.99. Also set for release is a replica of The Doctor's Journal of Impossible Things, featuring a leather style cover and twenty-two blank and seventy-eight printed pages, and coming with a replica The Master's Gallifreyan ring. This replica set will be released alongside the Time Squad figures and new wave of highly detailed five-inch figures at the end of January, being sold at a recommended retail price of £9.99. Will you be purchasing these?

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