Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Russell Tovey On Torchwood Series Four

After Russell Tovey's reprisal as Midshipman Frame for a cameo in Doctor Who: The End of Time part two, many fans have began to speculate that he will have a starring role in the fourth series of Torchwood as a new team member. In response to the rumours, Russell Tovey talked to SFX magazine, and revealed what he thinks about a possible role in the Doctor Who spin-off series. The actor said: “I’ve no idea if I’ll be in Torchwood, although it’s something I’d be open to if they asked me. I didn’t really realise when I was filming it, but when it was on people suddenly were saying, ‘Oh you’re going to be the new Ianto,’ and I had no idea what that meant.” Russell Tovey previously appeared in 2007's Doctor Who Christmas special, Voyage of the Damned, and is now appearing in the second series of Being Human on BBC Three. More details regarding Russell Tovey's rumoured role in Torchwood will be posted on this website when they are made available.

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