Saturday, March 20, 2010

Doctor Who Series Five Press Launch Trailer

With the fifth series of Doctor Who fastly approaching, the trailer for the series shown at it's press launch on Thursday night has now appeared online. The action packed new trailer includes clips of Daleks, Cybermen, Weeping Angels, and Vampires, alongside The Doctor as played by Matt Smith, and Amy Pond as played by Karen Gillan. The brand new trailer can be seen below:

The trailer for the series released on New Year's Day can be seen by clicking here, and the trailer shown on BBC One last month which is also being screened in cinemas can be seen by clicking here. Doctor Who series five will begin broadcast with The Eleventh Hour on Saturday the third of April, and the latest news, pictures, trailers and much more from the series will continue to be posted when made available. What are your thoughts on this brand new trailer?


Doctor Who Hideout said...

The new series looks amazing. The Dalek saucer battle with the spitfires looks amazing.

Outcast Timelord said...

Wow! It looks amazing!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

after seeing this I know doctor who is in safe hands.